Bringing business and community leadership to government.                                                                                


About Julie

Julie and her teenage boys are grateful to call Williamson County home.  Julie has been known to have a spirit of service and is entrepreneurial-minded. Her business experience includes that of both public and private, large and small companies where she has thrived in challenging fast-paced work environments. Whether building a team, managing a budget or applying her strong strategic planning and communication skills, Julie stayed focused on consistently delivering exceptional performance.  

As a community volunteer, business owner or corporate team member, Julie has operated with integrity, empathy for people, a sense of urgency, and a team-first attitude.


“Leaders know it's about problem solving and serving rather than keeping score. Government needs more leaders.”  

— Julie hannah


Williamson County has a history of electing leaders with real-world experience outside government and outside politics.  Julie Hannah wants to take her business and community leadership to county government.                                                                                

Williamson County Republican Primary:  Election Day- May 1, 2018; Early Voting- April 11 - 26, 2018  

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What does the Register of Deeds do in Tennessee?



The Register of Deeds is a constitutional office established by the Tennessee state legislature as the custodian of legal documents pertaining to real and personal property. These documents include warranty deeds, deeds of trust, releases, powers of attorney, liens, mortgages, contracts, plats, leases, judgements, wills, court orders, military discharges, amendments, and other miscellaneous documents designated by state law to be recorded by the Register of Deeds. Since there is such great importance of the recording and maintaining of these vital records, the Register of Deeds is an elected position and each term is four years.

While serving as this Constitutional Officer, I intend to lead and manage an operation that is effective, cost efficient and customer friendly. Every citizen deserves exemplary customer service, and it would be an honor to serve the people of Williamson County.


Get Involved

If you are interested in electing someone that's new to government, please consider getting involved in Julie's first campaign for elected office. Volunteers will be needed this spring to walk neighborhoods, deliver signs and make calls to regular Republican voters in Williamson County.

Donations are also vital to fund this positive and professional campaign, and Julie values every dollar that's invested in her first time on the ballot. 

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I'm Julie Hannah, and I'm asking for your vote. I am eager to meet and get to know many more of the hard-working people who make Williamson County the best place anywhere to live, work and raise a family.